June 21, 2024

The forum has really been rocking lately.  Let’s keep our “mo” going!
Inspired by Sebastien’s awesome salmon dialed Royal Oak, and TM’s protoype City of Sails (what else are you hiding TM???), let’s glance at a white gold Royal Oak Chronograph.

These discontinued chronographs start with a 39mm case.  The updated reference 26320 references have been increased to 41mm.  Count me as a fan of the smaller size.
Most unique about the older precious metal versions are the square hour markers.  Somewhat odd for sure, but charming at the same time.
The “AP” at 12:00 is an awesome detail, and I really feel AP should use their logo in this manner on more watches.  That is not to say I do not adore the triangle marker AP used on steel models, but the AP logo at 12 is a serious touch.

I also enjoy these now old styled subdials.  Cool graphical layouts.

One observation I have made in comparing AP’s white gold to stainless steel as used on a Royal Oak is the fact that the white gold looks much grainier than steel.

But of course, you still have that highest possible level of finish on the case and bezel.  White gold certainly offers a deeper luster than steel on the polished areas.

I think if we went back 5 years or so, we would classify this case as massive.  Not so much nowadays, but this is a mini monster in gold.  Very strong proportions.

I am convinced 39mm in an AP Royal Oak is best for me.  You all know how I love Royal Oak Offshores, but without question, if I could only own one line, it would be the Royal Oak.



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Off Shore, and a special one, the Orchard Road.

Because I love the name, and the dial!



We saw it again on the NY and Paris La Boutique models.  I wonder if a new Royal Oak Chronograph might give us this option again?
This size is the original one, fits also the biggest wrist and has the right proportions. Gerald Genta did design Royal Oak as a 39 mm watch – why to stretch it?
Best, KariYou have added some wonderful APs, maybe a chrono is next?Then I decided to wait the one with manufactured movement. I hope that when the new movement is introduced, the new ROC will have an exhibition back. If such a watch is not coming to the market in some two years, I will find a NOS 39 mm version.
Best, KariNo message bodyNo message bodyNo message bodyI’ll work on them.

Just a fun AP.

No message bodyOne of my favorite pink gold AP models.  Thanks, Jerry.
I start to feel that I NEED a RO chorine. The only issue that bother me is the question:
“Should I wait till AP comes with a manufactured movement?”
I heard from AP that they are proceeding well with the design. Perhaps in the end of the year and a new ROC next SIHH?
Best, KariIt seems wise to wait and see what a new model will look like.  I will be pleasantly surprised if it is offered in 40mm or less, but won’t hold my breath on it.
I can certainly see adding this new model to my old one, if it strikes the proper cord.
42-44 mm. Their main purpose is to sell watches and they must understand that i.e. 41 mm would be too close to ROO. To make it simple: if the new ROC is 39 mm, I will buy it. If it will be 40 mm, I will consider it. If it will be 41 mm or over, I’ll skip it.
I really can’t understand that the manufacturers try to push the over-sized watches to everybody. My wrist is 8 inches so probably over 40 mm would not look totally stupid but I simply do not like watches of that size. Unless the movement size requires a bigger case but that’s another story.
Best, KariI have exactly the same model!  Reference 26022BC.
This Royal Oak Chrono in white gold sure is delightful.  I’m quite certain you already know that!
I welcome your participation, and hope to see photos of yours too smile
.    .    .    and beautiful photographs.  The 39mm ROC is a favorite of mine, as well.  I’ve owned three over the years.