July 20, 2024

I was admiring the Royal Oak EOT on the AP website and wondering to myself why the watch gets so little mention on the watch forums.  My personal feeling is that additional dial colors, case material variations, and a bracelet option would spur demand for the watch.  I’d especially like to see a slate grey dial in a titanium case or a combo steel / tantalum case and bracelet.
I’d like to hear any other opinions and request some live pics of the current model if anyone has them.
Thank you.M4

Because it is indeed an ‘elegant’ version. Just like the AP RO Perpetual calendar, a super cool watch, doesn’t get the same amount of press as others.But, I think maybe because it’s actually quite an exclusive piece…. 
yet, agree with you- why don’t we see any live pix of this! ??? smile
Anybody out there willing to share??S
because I think the complication is simply great. What is nicer than wake up early and check when is the sunrise.
I got in the end of last year a brand new RO Perpetual. It’s a beautiful watch but unfortunately does not work. Okay, it worked some days before stopping. Luckily there’s a 3 years warranty but I have not had much interest on AP lately.
In January I got my beautiful 15202 and it worked some weeks. When it stopped, it was “serviced” in AP’s Service Centre. Now it did not work that long but if I remember correct, less than one week.
For the time being I have eliminated the EoT from my shopping list. In the summer I’ll take my two Royal Oaks to Switzerland for repairs and let’s see then.
Anyhow, a beautiful watch. But does it work or show the right time twice a day than my two other Royal Oaks?
Best, Karialthough the watch is not mine! 
Brief impression was very good. Love the slim profile and the amazing complication. But at 42mm it is a little big for my 6.75″ wrist. I like the fact that the watch could be customised to reflect the city that you are living. I find the rose gold version even more appealing. But the price tag is also very respectable biggrin
Here you go: