May 26, 2024

Lately, we have discussed more frequently Audemars Piguet’s fabulous lineup of Millenary watches.  The new Ladies collection is certainly a hit, and for years the oval has served as a backdrop for some of the brands highest complications.
The Royal Oak and Royal Oak Offshore – those we always discuss.  And with good reason; the famous octagonal bezeled watches remain among the most desirable in the world.
But what about the Jules Audemars collection?  Hard to imagine that a simple “round” watch – the staple of so many brands – is mostly overlooked here.  
I have experience with one special Jules Audemars watch, even though it was a few years back.  The Jules Audemars Dual Time, a timepiece AP continues to offer in its collection.  Here is the current model, offered in white gold with a silver dial:

The model in the following photos was a micro edition of 25 pieces, referred to as “The Governor”.  Stainless steel case, 43mm in diameter, dark blue alligator strap.

This piece was made for Arnold Schwarzenegger’s charity, Arnold’s All Stars.  Immediately apparent on the dial is the unique and bold star shaped guilloche.  Very striking and relevant.

The rest of the dial is also striking, employing various circular guilloches, multi colored hands, and blued Roman Numerals.

The resulting depth on this model is fabulous.  The numerals are thick and sculpted, and sit upon a clean metal ring.  Subdials are machined and recessed, and create a very crisp look.

A better angle to reveal the low and high elevations on the dial.  Really superb.

A little known fact about this watch.  The first finished samples had an engraved caseback.

Subsequent models had a thicker embossed caseback.  Both nice; the three dimensional look of the thicker one is quite appealing.

Overall, a beautiful rendition of the dual time watch.

I always thought it would be exciting to see AP further develop this line.  What makes this Governor so unique and appealing is that it is a sporty offering in a steel case.  Certainly, the JA case is classical, and AP typically reserves it for precious metals and higher complications.
But to imagine something simple like titanium, with a black dial and some white hands and numerals… I get excited to dream about that.  Ceramic, tantalum, carbon?  All could be future options.
We saw the Royal Oak turn 40 a few years ago.  We have seen the introduction of 44mm Royal Oak Offshores and a refined 42mm collection.  The Millenary has made strides in recent years.
Will AP soon turn to a revamped Jules Audemars line, and maybe offer us some exciting new designs?  Patiently waiting…

Especially for the PC / WT. Will come back to this one, but I forgot the Governor! 
Yes, an interesting dial and a cool watch. Still my heart goes for the PC WT.