July 13, 2024

As I said, I found the 2nd batch you MUST see, in the separate room.  Sorry to have missed at the first round!

Millenary Tourbillon Cal. 2939 45mm x 40mm 18K WG entirely set with baguette diamonds

Jules Audemars Tourbillon ChronographOpenworked hand-wind Manufacture Cal. 2936 41mm 18K WG Case

Royal Oak Offshore Chronograph Selfwinding Manufacture Cal. 3126/ 3840 42mm 18K WG Entirely Set with Baguette Diamonds

Royal Oak Offshore Quartz Cal. 2714 37mm 18K WG Entirely Set with Baguette Diamonds

Royal Oak Concept Tourbillon Chronograph Cal. 2941 44mm Pink Gold or Titanium Case

Royal Oak Tourbillon Chronograph! Cal. 2936 44mm Sand blasted Titanium Case

Other notable watches on display for general audience.  Some are not this year’s novelty.
Royal Oak Quartz Cal. 2713 33mm SS and PG with diamond set bezel

Millenary Aventurine Tourbillon Cal. 2938 45mm x 40mm 18K WG with Baguette Diamonds

Millenary Tourbillon Cal. 2940 45mm x 40mm WG Entirely Set with Diamonds or PG Entirely Set with Diamonds

Jules Audemars Minute Repeater with Jumping Hours and Small Seconds Cal. 2907 43mm 950 PT case

Millenary Minute Repeater Cal. 2928 AP Escapement 47mm x 42mm PG or Titanium case


That’s it, folks!
Hope you like the Exceptional Pieces!

This message has been edited by MichaelC on 2015-01-21 09:22:19 This message has been edited by MichaelC on 2015-01-23 18:30:13 One design element AP has really pushed in recent years is the Openworked dials, and we continue to see that theme.  I am definitely a fan of that.
I really like the sand blasted titanium case on the Royal Oak Tourbillon Chronograph.
Hope to see some of these up close in the near future!While I appreciate the new evolutions of movements and materials at the very high end of brands, there is very little new for the ‘normal’ person, so to speak. 
How many people will really be queing up to buy a fully baguette laid Royal Oak smile
But thats fine by me, as my watch lust list is way too long already!
But, again, I feel another chance has gone by to show more focus on the Jules Audemars range… and to make it worse, they tease us with an absolute knockout JA tourbillon chronograph! Lets have more non-tourbillon open worked Jules Audemar pieces, please please!!
It brings me onto another thought of mine… by having SIHH every year, there is a huge pressure on the brands to have a knockout piece, or something very exciting, whereas to rework and introduce a new line of watches takes a lot longer than the one year cycle.
That why mixed feelings… Am happy I don’t have to add any new watches onto my grail list (except maybe the JA TC!), but also disappointed to see so many of the pieces essentially…. just diamonds!I completely agree!  The Jules Audemars is an amazing collection, but typically reserved for higher complications or very classic designs.
Perhaps a new model could exude the high end Jules Audemars pieces, much the same way that the Millenary 4101 has done for that line.  A 2 subdial chronograph, manual wind, no date (yes Nico, I remember you in my watch visions!) would do quite nicely for me smile
Thanks for your sharing your well founded sentiments.I was hooked when I saw the JUMP HOUR.  What a stunner.
Thanks for the photos.

Thank you for the live pics.


On another note, I like that AP has resurrected blasted titanium surface finishing.  The Paris la Boutique was finished this way and it’s always been a favorite.  
Thanks for the pics.
M4Just hope it does not scare me away.

I feel a new “panache” evident around AP.  
2 of the very first AP brand Ambassadors I ever met were Vijay Singh and Thomas Levet.  Both great guys.  But I think of the current names – LeBron James, Leo Messi, Michael Schumacher – superstars.  Just a different vibe for sure.
A very good friend of mine graduated law school years ago and went straight to the local jeweler to purchase a Cartier watch.  Did not matter which model; it just had to be Cartier for the name.
I used to love the fact that when people asked what was on my wrist and I said “Audemars Piguet”, they looked at me like I spoke a different language.  Not so much the case any more.
Flesh, and to hear it!

That is one which impresses me the most.

Best, and thanks for your great job, Ken.

NicolasAnd also nice to see that AP still has the 33mm AP Royal Oak for a sporty but still elegant ladies watch.