May 23, 2024

HYT H3 Watch Front

While HYT watches presented the Skull only a few weeks ago in Geneva, at the SIHH 2015, the independent Swiss brand kept its biggest launch for Baselworld. The H3 is the world’s most complex watch according to HYT, and that means a lot coming from the independent watch brand that made hydro-mechanical watches a thing. If the watch brand makes this claim, it is also careful to step away from the term “complicated,” a favourite in press releases of the watch industry, which should indeed be used more conservatively when speaking about timepieces with complications.

HYT H3 New Watch

So what makes the H3 so difficult to understand? First of all, there are no hands, nor satellite, nor any other system of time-reading that we’ve become accustomed to. Instead, HYT has created a rotating dial with 4 faces arranged along the time display tube. Each of these faces is graduated with 6 hours, thereby enabling the 24 hours of the day to be displayed. So in the picture below, the watch indicates 12:40 AM.

HYT H3 Watch Wrist

The watch is powered by a retrograde movement made in-house, boasting a 170-hour power reserve, or around a full week, thanks to it two barrels. the first driving the progression of the fluid and the second, compensating for this progression in the capillary.

HYT H3 Watch Back

The H3 looks large, and that doesn’t change one bit when you put in on the wrist. Officially it measure a whoppping 62 by 41 mm, an there is little point of trying to get it under the cuff. It won’t go there, but then again, why hide this beauty. But despite its size, the H3 feels very light on the wrist, thanks to a construction in charcoal grey PVD-coated titanium and platinum.

HYT H3 Watch Baselworld

But you’ll have to wait a bit longer to get your hands on it. The first timepieces of this limited edition of 25 pieces will be available from September 2015. Price to be announced.

Photo Credit: Haute Time. For more information, please visit the official HYT website. Follow Haute Time on Instagram to experience Baselworld 2015 in real-time and catch all of the new releases as they happen