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MB&F Destination Moon Clock By L’Epée

The quirky collaborations between Swiss watchmaker MB&F and Swiss clock-maker L’Epée have a unique identity that is equal parts outrageous, childlike awe-inducing, and sometimes head-scratchingly confusing. Whether it’s a nightmare-inducing mechanical arachnid or a whimsical yet seemingly war-ready robot buddy, these projects have explored some, let’s say, “creative” concepts in the way of tabletop clocks, and […]

WatchTime New York 2016: Meet the Independents

WatchTime New York 2016 is underway, and the show’s exhibitors will include a large contingent of independent watch brands. Some you may know, others not so much. Here’s a rundown. Romain Gauthier Romain Gauthier is a watchmaker based in Le Sentier, the same town, in Switzerland’s famed Vallée de Joux, where he was born 41 […]