June 23, 2024

Wind-Up Watch Fair is just one week away, opening its doors at 11am on Oct 21st inside of Chelsea Market in NYC. We’re incredibly excited for this year’s fair, as we have 30 brands from around the world attending, many with things to sell, many with new watches you haven’t seen in person before and many with cool activities and demonstrations. It’s going to be an incredible 3-days. In advance of Wind-Up we wanted to once again thank our feature sponsors MKII, AnalogShift, Van Brauge and Thinknerve for supporting us and the event, making this all possible. We also wanted to make special note for Wind-Up’s lead sponsor, Oris, for believing in our fair and supporting worn&wound continuously.

Oris is a brand that has always fit in very well on the pages of worn&wound. At over 100 years old, they are one of the oldest independent watch brands that we talk about regularly. Their watches, which they rightfully label as “real watches for real people” are beautifully made, well-designed and genuinely unique. With so many watches looking like each other, one can always turn to the catalog of Oris to find something different and unpretentious. Whether it’s their modern spin on the pilot’s watch, a stylized diver or a dress watch with complications, you are getting a time piece that is their particular vision.

At Wind-Up you’ll find an extensive collection of Oris’ timepieces on view. Here are just a few:

Big Crown ProPilot


A favorite around worn&wound, the Big Crown ProPilot series are a subtle, modern update to the tried and true pilot concept. The ProPilot’s are notable for their highly legible dials, modern hands, and unique turbine texturing around their bezel and crowns. The simple date version, coming in with a modest 41mm case, is a great everyday sport watch that can be dressed up or down for the occasion.

Divers 65


The ever-so-popular Divers 65 series is notable for its highly stylized cases and dials. Where so many brands have tried, Oris succeeded in creating a watch that with a distinct retro style, yet a modern build and feel. Available now in a variety of colors as well as two sizes, 40 and 42mm, there is a version of the Divers 65 for everyone.

Caliber 111/112


Oris impressed everyone a couple of years ago with the release of their in-house, 10-day power reserve caliber with non-linear power-reserve indicator. Since then, they’ve put it in a few watches, including a version of the Big Crown ProPilot, and built on it with additional complications. In true Oris style, they didn’t go for the obvious, and at Basel 2016 released the 112 variant, which includes a second dual-time sub-dial with day/night indicator.

Once again, we want to thank Oris for their continued support of worn&wound, believing in us and our site, and for taking the lead sponsorship position at this year’s Wind-Up Watch Fair. If you’re planning on coming to Wind-Up (and you really, really should) be sure to stop by their booth.