May 23, 2024
Front of Rolex Cellini whit gold watch

Rolex Cellini with diamonds launched at Baselworld 2015. The classic dress watch is available in 18c white gold or Everose gold metals.Front of Rolex Cellini whit gold watch

At Baselworld 2015, Rolex showed Rolex Cellini with diamonds in 39mm size models.  The new Rolex Cellini with diamonds comes in two bezel styles, double bezel and single bezel.Side of Rolex Cellini whit gold watch

Rolex Cellini with dual bezel is decorated with flutes on the outer layer, and the inner layer bezel is studded with 96 diamonds. On the dial face, there are more diamonds, placed on the tip of 11 hour markers.Side of Rolex Cellini everose gold watch

The Rolex Cellini diamond model with single bezel is spared with the diamond bling on dial face. Instead, the applique hour markers are very neatly placed on both sides of the minute track. This track, as you will notice from the picture below, has been moved towards centre of dial, closer to the tips of hands.

Faceted and shaped like two-edged swords, the hands count off each second, each minute and each hour with the full precision of the self-winding chronometer. Bezel of this Rolex Cellini diamond watch is embellished with 62 diamonds. These models also feature the new pink or rhodium dials with a sunray finish and elongated applique hour markers. Absolutely delicious combination with everose gold.