May 26, 2024
G-shock Stain Steel Men's Watch-G-steel Watch

Casio as a famous Japan watchmaker,it has mature technology.G-Shock is considered as the most successful series.Due to its functionality and affordable price.G-steel watch comes in steel on a bracelet,a popular watch has most functions which can meets your needs.G-shock Stain Steel Men's Watch-G-steel Watch

This Casio G-Shock G-Steel GSTS110D-1A offers rugged features like shock resistance, 200M water resistance, solar power, LED light on both the face and an LED backlight, world time setting for 31 time zones including an option to turn on/off daylight savings time, 5 daily alarms, hand shift to get the analog hands out of the way if you need to, a stopwatch, countdown function, and a calendar that’s preprogrammed until 2099.

In terms of looks, Casio has really tapped into what arguably many modern consumers are looking for in a watch. Using no loud, almost-cartoonish colors seen on some G-Shocks, and having a simple stainless steel bracelet and case.G-shock Stain Steel Men's Watch-G-steel Watch

The Casio G-Shock G-Steel watch has “G-SHOCK” up top and “SHOCK RESISTANT” down at the bottom with smaller font “ADJUST,” “MODE,” “LIGHT,” and “SEARCH” on the sides with the corresponding button to activate the respective feature.
In simple black, the text is not too distracting but legible enough to be read easily on the Casio G-Shock G-Steel GSTS110D-1A. You’ll also notice the thin black urethane inner bezel for extra protection.G-shock Stain Steel Men's Watch-G-steel Watch
If you want to buy an affordable watch ,G-shock is a good choice for you.