September 26, 2023

HD3 Bi-Axial Tourbillon Watch + Video Watch Releases

This new TheTimeTV video from HD3 featuring watch designer Fabrice Gonet offers a very interesting glimpse into the origin and philosophy behind HD3, and watch brands like it. The focus of the video is the pictured HD3 Bi-axial Tourbillon watch. This watch is important to me, because I had a similar idea for a watch like this in my head before I even knew that this watch was available. This involves the cylinder digital hour indicator, as well as the use of a dial for the minutes. The tourbillon displays the seconds, and its bi-axial rotation makes it an interesting novelty to look at. With only 11 pieces and a price about $400,000, you might ask yourself why watch novelties like this exist. In essence they are made for a very select, very well-off demographic.

Gonet offers a partial answer to this in the video when talking about the wealthy Russian clientele. It is literally a few ultra-wealthy people who keep certain brands alive. They are there to make toys and watch delicacies for the ultra-well off. While this might make you jealous and complain of excess, you can think of it in another way. While you’ll likely never own this watch, and probably never even see it, you are happy that it exists. You find interest in the design as well as the mechanics. Nothing like this could ever be mass produced. It’s like fine art, you might not be able to own it, but you can still enjoy it, even if its examples are absolutely unique. So that is what HD3 is all about. A spin off from some of the people behind Jorg Hysek watches, there to appeal to those who simplely want the most interesting, and most complex, no matter the price.