July 20, 2024

Good day worn&wound readers. Today we’re excited to announce two new additions to our growing range of original American-made watch straps.

Model 2 Classic Wheat

Our Model 2 Classics are our casual, everyday strap with a simple unlined construction. What makes them really special is our use of 100% vegetable tanned leather form Wickett&Craig tannery in Pennsylvania. This stuff is as tough as it is gorgeous, creating a long lasting strap with little stretch that should age beautifully.

Our new Wheat color is officially the brightest in the worn&wound collection, with a rich, golden tan color. This leather is of the Skirting variety, which has been tanned, drum dyed, but not wax stuffed, giving it a natural finish and rugged feel. It will start off a bit stiff, but break in quickly getting softer by the day. The bright color will also darken over time, giving it a gorgeous, unique patina. We accented the leather with dark brown stitching. The Model 2 Classic Wheat is American-made and available now in 18, 20 and 22mm for $65.

Single Pass Classic Mahogany

Much like the Model 2 Classics, our Single Pass Classic is a casual everyday strap with an unlined construction that is made of gorgeous Wickett&Craig leather. This time, however, it is made of single long strip of leather that passes behind the spring bars of a watch, playing off of military style straps.

For our new Single Pass we went with our trusty and wildly popular Mahogany color. The Mahogany is a true dark brown with a strong pull-up showing an inner current of dark reds when bent or stressed. We accented the brown with khaki cord, giving it an earthy, vintage feel. This is a classic brown that works with everything and will easily pair with shoes and belts. The Single Pass Classic Mahogany is American-made and available now in 18, 20 and 22mm for $65.

And that is that for now. Keep your eyes peeled for other new products coming out this fall and be sure to follow our store instagram @shop_wornandwound for daily updates.