April 21, 2024

Jaeger LeCoultre Batman Limited Edition Reverso Watch

As the release of a movie “the Dark Knight Rise” hit theaters, which also gave birth to many consumer products, as for this, the first appeared in front of me is Nokia limited edition phone—Batman Lumia 900. But today I’m not going to introduce phone but a Batman edition watch. Now, the Batman fans and watch enthusiasts can glut your eyes.

Maybe the Batman fans and watch enthusiasts have no knowledge of that, recently Swiss luxury watch manufacturer Jaeger-LeColtre has specially made a series of watch for the Dark Knight Rise.

It seems that our actor Bruce Wayne likes watches made by this famous watch manufacturer very much. The Dark Knight Rise is the famous director Christopher’s third work of Batman series. Now, the film version of the Dark Knight Rise will be the end of Batman trilogy works.

In order to show Jaeger-LeCoultre’s respect for this hero, and the brand specially designed this unique Reverso watch, this watch is a little bit like the watch worn on Cristian Bell in The Dark Knight Rise, and equipped a reversed stainless steel case, on the case back engraved with the logo of Batman, its outlook design seems very cool. The limited edition Reverso Grande Taille model which Christian Bale was seen wearing in the previous two movies, and was also featured in the 1995 Batman Forever. At that time, it was surprising that the watch was released alongside the movie as such as association between films and watch industry products was surely rare, if not unheard of.

Currently, the supply and price of this watch has not been announced, but if someone is very interested in this watch, you can check on the watch that is worn on the wrist of Val Kilmer (who has been participated in the show of New Barman unbeaten mystery), this watch can be sold in boutique store of Geneva, London, Los Angeles and Hong Kong.