July 25, 2024


Haute Swiss watchmaking feels like it exists several worlds away from the tiny island nation of Haiti, a country still rebuilding after experiencing a catastrophic 7.0 magnitude earthquake in 2010, but luxury Swiss watchmaker Bovet 1882 has worked tirelessly to bridge the gap. Five years on from that devastating natural disaster, Bovet and its partners have remained committed to helping the children of Haiti.

In February, Bovet, along with longstanding partner Hollywood Domino, hosted the eighth annual Hollywood Domino Gala & Tournament benefitting Artists for Peace and Justice, a non-profit organization founded by film director Paul Haggis that’s devoted to serving the children and families living in the poorest communities in Haiti.  This year’s event—held right in the midst of Hollywood’s busy award season—marks Bovet’s fifth year as partners with Artists for Peace, a union that has affected incredible positive change for Haiti’s most vulnerable citizens.


For Bovet owner Pascal Raffy, the plight in Haiti isn’t just a passing interest but a cause that rests close to his heart. “I don’t believe in short term partnerships,” says Raffy. The watchmaker insists that making real change in Haiti is a lengthy process, but one of incredible importance. In five years, Bovet and its partners have made great strides in improving healthcare and education in the country. “We now provide over 2,500 student scholarships in Haiti,” said Artists For Peace and Justice CEO David Belle. “We’re so proud of what we have accomplished and grateful to Bovet 1822 and Hollywood Domino for their friendship and support as our partners.” During the event, the charity also announced a brand new fund designed to provide scholarships for young women and girls entitled Brilliant is Beautiful, an initiative that Bovet hopes will empower young women to shape their own destiny through education.


“Our partnership with Artists for Peace and Justice is emblematic of the house of Bovet 1822’s values: quality, integrity, and progress,” said Raffy. “We are proud to support a cause that shares our commitment to excellence and tonight’s beautiful event will add to our shared legacy.”