July 20, 2024

For mechanical watches, creativity and quality are the eternal theme. Reef Tiger Artist Royal Crown subverts the general watchmaking tradition, the balance wheel system, which is the heart of mechanical watches, is redesigned at the 6 o’clock position, the use of jewels and engraved plates make the whole watch show rich art atmosphere. Reef Tiger uses exquisite watchmaking technology and unique design ideas to crown your life.

Design highlights

1.Grand Rounded Case

Some models is plated with rose gold,the case is made of stainless steel, case diameter is 44mm, it continues the simple lines of Artist series. The design of lugs is refined and in harmonious proportion, the lugs fit the case properly and its arc fully meets the ergonomic design concept, which ensures comfortable wearing.

2.Special Dial Design

There are three independent rounded designs on the dial, which symbolize the satisfactory of your career, love and family.Royal Crown uses sunray on the dial, grand and elegant.

3.Tourbillon Small Seconds at 6:00RGA192-YBA0_18

The tourbillon with jewels and engraved plates is the soul of the whole watch, the crown-shaped small second hand on the balance wheel keeps rotating as time goes, it is a vivid and interesting design.

4.Personalised Hour Markers

In order to make the vision focus on the tourbillon, Royal Crown uses track-type markers to indicate the time, the large Rome hour marker at 12 o’clock echoes with the 6’clock tourbillon. The dial shows a multi-level visual effect.

5.Crown-shaped Crown Design

Unique rounded crown is embeded with blue convex sapphire, which has a high decorative effect.The crown of the watch is crown-shaped.

6.Strap and Folding Clasp

Royal Crown features unique band, which is coupled with specially designed folding clasp. The strap is soft and comfortable and clasp has beautiful smooth lines, which reflects refined elegance and taste.

Exquisite technology

1.Multi-layer dial

The main dial of Royal Crown is engraved with sunray patterns, at 6 o’clock, it is skeletonized, the edge of the skeletonized window is sleek and smooth. The track markers are finally embeded, so the whole dial has distinct levels, this also show the complicated technology of Reef Tiger.
2.Tourbillon movementRGA192-YWA0_17

The core technology of Royal Crown lies in its RT7100 tourbillon movement, which is fully exposed in front of your eyes, exquisite operation is so compelling and stunning.

3.10um gold plating

The rose gold models of Royal Crown all adopt 10um gold plating. So thick gold coating ensures the watch never worn and fade.

4.Sapphire crown

Even in tiny details such as the crown, Royal Crown also seeks for greater perfection, it uses sapphire on crown, luxury and grand, the blue sapphire is embeded fully by hand.