July 20, 2024

Reef Tiger Love Florilege is inspired by spring garden, using the pureness to confirm the eternal love.

Design highlight

1.Ultra-thin case

In order to fit women’s charming temperament, Florilege watch is only 7.8mm thick, the ultra-thin case perfectly fits wrist and brings comfortable wearing feeling.
2.Independent lugs designDSC_5287(1)

Florilege watch adopts more slim and independent lugs design, and embeded with diamonds, the unique style not only makes it not just a watch, but also a perfect jewelry that shines yourself.
3.Spring garden dial

Spring ofte signfies hope and love, the designer of Florilege watch uses spring garden to express love, a dragonfly stops on a blooming flower, the good thing is about to happen.

4.Diamond bezel

All watches are embeded with diamonds, dazzling. Swarovski crystal elements cover the whole watch, the case, lugs and even clasp are embeded with diamonds, stylish and luxury.

5.Colorful genuine leather strap

In order to match the numerous and varied case design, the Florilege watch uses multi-color idea, red, pink, blue, purple, black, just like the flowers in spring, there is alway one model fits for your mind.

Exquisite technology

1.Anti-reflective sapphire crystalDSC_5287(2)

The watch uses sapphire crystal whose hardness grade is Mohs 9, corrosion and scratch resistant, never worn. The 3um AR Coating could be clearly identified.
2.Complicated dial

To express the deep love of spring garden, the Florilege watch uses MOP as dial material, each piece is unique and polished fully by hand, the dragonfly part uses brushing mosaic technology, vivid.

3.Handcraft diamonds

The diamonds on all parts of the watch are embeded fully by hands, the classic four claws set from Tiffany lets each face of the diamonds to be perfectly shown and dazzling.
4.Swiss quartz movement

Swiss Ronda 762 movement guarantees the precision, the watch shows accurateness and balance, which sublimes the brand innovative spirit.