June 25, 2024

Will you? No matter where I am going, you will enjoy the eternal life with me and always accompany me. When love experienced the initial sweet, getting along with confusion, be together gently, to the final sincere commitment, Reef Tiger launched a brand new series – Love Promise, to give a love commitment with eternal time.

Design highlight

1.Elegant and romantic case

Promise uses a 34mm case, its overall feeling is generous and fine. Rose gold watch is gentle and bright, white stainless steel model is cool and elegant. With soft lines, smooth and rounded polishing, the watch perfectly interprets the refined femininity.

2.Mother of pearl dial

Pearl has always been the best gift for women since ancient times, promise watch uses mother of pearl to make dial, after being carefully processed, it emits shiny luster, each piece of dial is a gift of nature, unique.
3.Diamonds decoration

There are also 24 diamonds as hour markers, full of feminine elegance.Designers use unique approach to pave 58 pieces of Swarovski crystals on the bezel, each has shiny color.

4.Tear-shaped diamond design at 6 o’clock

Love is not always sweet and laughter, there are sometimes misunderstandings and tears, promise watch uses a tear-shaped diamond as hour marker at 6, after the tears, you will get a clearer sense of the future and a better life.

5.Elegant calfskin leather band

The watch adopts Italia imported calfskin leather and colorful satin silk band, which adds some tenderness and fantasy to the watch, whether it is a daily appointment or occasional fashion match, the watch will become the most beautiful accessory, and completely show women elegance.

6.Slender pin buckle

To tie in with the overall elegant and refined temperament, the watch adopts simple pin buckle, which is also embeded with 10 Swarovski crystals, dazzling, brings more confidence and brightness to your wrist.

Exquisite technology

1.Sapphire crystal
The watch features Mohs 9 grade sapphire crystal, which is scratch resistant and never worn. Besides,it is easy to identify because its surface has 3um anti-reflective coating .

2.Diamonds decoration

Reef Tiger chooses the same size of Swarovski crystals, which are individually embeded on the bezel and dial, each crystal has the same mosaic spacing and be ensured to be at the same level, this extremely requires strick craftsmanship of master.

3.Mother of pearl dial

Building the slim and fargile mother of pearl to one piece of beautiful dial, it needs molding, painting, polishing, mosaics and other procedures, each process needs watch masters to participate personally, it is the reflection of Reef Tiger’s high-tech watchmaking technology.

4.Swiss quartz movement

To eliminate the complicated hand winding, the watch is equipped with Ronda 763 quartz movement, there will be no error and you just need to correct the time when firstly wearing it.