April 16, 2024

New York “minute repeaters” chimed in unison for two exclusive timepiece social gatherings yesterday — Roger Dubuis and Patek Philippe assembled a group of luxury watch aficionados and journalists in celebration and thanks.

Scallop dish at Betony luncheon
Haute Living’s New York editor Mimi Lombardo and Mr. Dubuis
“Hommage Tribute” limited edition timepiece

Mr. Dubuis kicks off the celebration

Roger Dubuis

At midday Roger Dubuis kicked off the festivities with a fantastic lunch at New York’s Betony restaurant to toast the 20th anniversary of the brand. To mark the event, Mr. Dubuis himself flew in from Geneva. The “Hommage Tribute” limited edition timepiece (limited to 208 pieces) sat on the table for everyone to admire as they ate (seared scallops with stinging nettles and grilled beef tenderloin with young garlic was served). The delicious food augmented the warm, casual atmosphere. It was an honor to meet Mr. Dubuis who embarked on a dream 20 years ago that has come to full fruition.

Patek Philippe

An orgy of gorgeous peonies and roses greeted guests when the elevator doors opened to the Top Of The Rock — the yearly Patek Philippe cocktail party.  A watercolorist painted postcards of the magnificent views of St. Patrick’s cathedral, while guests enjoyed cucumber and rosewater cocktails. Patek’s latest timepieces flanked the entrance to the rooftop for all to admire.

U.S. brand president, Larry Pettinelli spoke to the crowd with words of appreciation and thanks for support. It was a fabulous event, which marks the beginning of the summer soiree’ season.

Mr Larry Pettinelli, Patek Philippe’s US President
Entrance to Patek Philippe cocktail party
View from Top of the Rock
Watercolorist’s postcards for guests
Cocktails at Patek Philippe party