May 23, 2024
Front of Seiko Prospex World Time SRPA21

Seiko do well in the diving watch, it launched many stunning diving watch for several years. And at this year’s baselworld, the new diving watch-Seiko Prospex World Time was debuted.Front of Seiko Prospex World Time SRPA21

Around the same time, Professional Association of Diving Instructors (or PADI, for short) was formed. The organization currently boasts 6,300 Dive Centers and 136,000 qualified instructors. It was conceived as an organization to raise the training standards for diving, and to date they have issued over 24 million certifications and introduced a great amount people into the world of diving.
Seiko Prospex World Time  SUN065P1
With the two entities being the forerunners in the diving industry, it is not surprising that both Seiko and PADI have come forth together to collaborate. In the spirit of their partnership, as well as to support PADI’s “Project Aware”, Seiko has produced two Special Edition pieces for the Prospex collection: the Kinetic GMT’s Diver (SUN065) and Automatic Diver’s (SRPA21).Seiko Prospex World Time SRPA21
These two watches are based on the regular pieces that are currently still in production, but they contain some subtle differences to differentiate themselves from the regular production pieces. For instance, the watch dials from the two watches bears the PADI logo on it. In addition, these two watches bear the same blue and red theme that is synonymous with the organization.