July 13, 2024

Reef Tiger Seattle, which is inspired by romantic spirit, launched the only one skeleton watch on the basis of simple Mountain Rainier, this watch abandons the dial font, hour markers and even second hand that are necessary to other most watches, the movement and plates are all re-polished, it is another masterpiece that comes from the superb watchmaking of Reef Tiger.

Design highlight

1.Transparent skeleton design

Skeleton process, since the birth of engraving technology, has the same effect as the Chinese papercutting. Reef Tiger Seattle skeleton watch adopt advanced watchmaking technology to show beauty of time passage.

2.Dial engraving technology

This skeleton watch completely abandons the routine dial structure, uses the hand engraved skeleton to match the movement structure, every beat of the movement is shown in front of your eyes, stunning beauty of art.
3.Diamond hour markersDSC_6350(2)

To reflect the overall aesthetic, skeleton watch uses diamonds as hour markers, simple and easy to read, the brilliance of diamonds echoes with the skeletonized polishing, dazzling.

4.Exquisitely polished rotor

Even the functional parts like rotor, Reef Tiger also pursues the perfect art design, wonderful art engraving builds beautiful wristwatches that work accurately.

5.Knurled Hands
To better show the elegance of the whole watch, it only uses hour and minute hands to show the time, knurled hands bring more brilliant visual effect and further enhance the refinement of the watch.
6.Crocodile leather strap

The watch uses crocodile leather strap, which is hand stitched and reflects pure Swiss watchmaking tradition. It is fitted Reef Tiger pin buckle, which is engraved with “Reef Tiger” logo, very easy to wear.

Advanced technology

1.Multi beveled casing technology

To express its ultra-thin design need, the case of Mountain Rainier adopts multi beveled cutting technology, only the bezel has four bevel surfaces, each side is processed by CNC carving, corners are clearly seen.

2.Skeleton dial

Skeleton technology is complex and time-consuming, it requires that the skilled watch masters to remove the excess parts of the watch, leaving the right parts accurately, finally must be transparent with beautiful lines.
3.Corrosion resistant engraved crownDSC_6979

With ultra-thin pursuit, the side of Mountain Rainier perfectly shows exquisite watchmaking technology of Reef Tiger in a simple style. The crown, which is made of 316L stainless steel, is corroded first, and then is engraved with RT logo.
4.Anti-reflective sapphire crystal
This watch uses Mohs grade 9 sapphire crystal, corrosion and scratch resistant, never worn. There is a layer of 3um anti-reflective coating, legible.

5.This watch uses RT4500 movement, which is tested by Reef Tiger professional watch master, its daily inaccuracy is within 5 seconds. In polishing, the edge of the movement plates is smooth and full of texture. Each screw, spring and gear is brilliant and delightfull.
6.The inner and outside of the leather straps are made of Italian calfskin leather, very soft. With elegant pin buckle, the watch looks more slim and elegant.