June 19, 2024

In order to commemorate the second Dragon year after Millennium, TITONI invited famous designer Mr. Chen to design a special limited edition watch for his respected Master Series, and named “Dragon”.

Dragon is the leader in four mascots of ancient China, whether in western or Chinese culture, Dragon is always considered as the most mysterious and extraordinary animal, which represent vitality and strength. However, in the traditional Chinese zodiac, Dragon year represents joy, ambition, power and bravery.

However, the mission of TITONI is to bring this positive spirit into the watch. Mr. Chen has more than 30 years experience in design meanwhile he is also a watch collector, which stimulates him to integrate the perfect art into watches. In the design process, he specially presents the Dragon body with a winding fluctuant form, and its dynamic, vigor and vitality are instantly appeared on the dial. In addition, unlike the tradition, that to foil dragon with the cloud, but he uses the fire to replace the cloud, which highlights the domineering and supremacy of dragon. Mr. Chen has ingenious designed the dragon play pearls into a calendar window, which is a symbol of pursuing dreams, keeping pace with the times and being full of hopes.

“Dragon” limited edition watch is the first time of TITONI to adopt Chinese zodiac as the watch’s theme, with the world’s limited edition of 2012 pieces. Unlike other TITONI watch designs, this dial only retains brand logo, calendar window and pointers, while the vivid relief is full of the entire dial, which not only takes full advantage of the space, but also greatly increases the appreciation of the values. Each watch has a unique limited edition number engraved on the left case. In addition to steel strap, this watch is also equipped with a leather strap to satisfy the different occasions and needs.

Since the foundation of TITONI, it has been owned by the founder of Schluep family, and is persisted in that each watch must be assemble in the original factory in Grenchen, Swiss, to ensure the production quality, which is also shown the strictly and accurately production of TITONI.

TITONI Dragon Limited Edition Watch1

TITONI Dragon Limited Edition Watch