February 27, 2024

Reef Tiger combine personality and charm into the creation. The first time launched Air Bubble series watches. The large size of watch case (φ44mm), convex bubble-like sapphire crystal lens and zoomable distorted visual effect dial, bring you a different watch wearing experience.
The latest Bigbang wrist watch inspired by the chaos of the birth of universe, using gears, lightning, machine elements to express the feeling of life in prehistoric period.

Design Concept26
1. Illusion visual art lens
.Reef Tiger capture such elements to put the fantasy 3D visual effect into the small dial.Illusion visual art is a visual effect which uses of people’s illusion, make the static pattern acting like dynamic. The unique visual dynamic effect acting like to it will go out the lens

2. Mechanical texture dialhero_weiss_2340_watch
The hollow grooved and lighting effects ably matched, the implication of the explosion and vitality perfectly in coordinate with the name of Bigbang.The designer designed the Bigbang watch dial like the celestial nebula in prehistoric world.

3. Ergonomics Case
The heavy watch case match of the refine curved lugs, so close to the wrist, comfortable to wear, yet express individuality.The 45mm watch case smooth and streamline, and the ball-shape crown inlay with a rubber ring.

4. Crazy horse strapomega-2(1)
Imported Italian calfskin supplemented with same color cotton thread, soft and breathable, bringing the best wearing feeling.With passage of time, the special lines of crazy horse strap will become rich texture, adding a bit of retro color to the Air Bubble series watches.

5. Precision chronograph movement
The tourbillon is completely show in our eyes.The core technology of this watch is its RT6500 tourbillon movement.  Its exquisite movement is so compelling and amazing.
As the gossamer of the escapement will be affected by the tightness or metal fatigue, and the balance wheel also affected by gravity, ordinary mechanical watches have big error. But the tourbillon movement speeder has play a significant role in overcoming such kind of affects..