July 21, 2024

Love this piece, how it catches light in a million different ways, how light it sits on the wrist. Have had it over a year, and it’s one of my favourite pieces. And I usually have it on a winder.
But in this year, I’ve had to sent it to the service center for 10 weeks, because it just stopped working. I was only told that the watch had no power reserve. I got it back just about 3 months ago, and the same problem is starting to surface. It just stops working while on the winder, or while I’m wearing it on the wrist. The winder is set at the recommended TPDs, but I’m just wondering now, is this a common problem with the 2121 calibre? I’ve taken very gd care of my watch, and it hasn’t seen any trauma.
Is this watch not meant to be kept on a winder at all?

1/ The movement is ont known to have this kind of issue.

2/ I insisted many times on that, but a winder is absolutely not necessary. When you don’t wear your Watch, just give it some rest.


NicolasI agree that a winder isn’t absolutely necessary. I just keep my watch on one so I don’t have to adjust the date when I wear it once a week.
Considering blue dialed 15202 aren’t the most common, I must be very unlucky I picked the one with the faulty movement…
Nothing else I can do but sent the watch back in to the service center, I guess.

I bought mine in January. I was working like a dream for about 20 days. In the end it did not work at all.
When I tried to put the watch on time and give power with the crown, the whole crown dropped off. To say it very mildly, I AM BLOODY DISAPPOINTED!
I know “this can happen with any watch”. But I had similar issues with my QP except the crown is still in its place. Perhaps I should be happy for that…
Best, KariDefinitely would have felt the same if the crown had dropped off. Even now, I’m a little miffed…also when not on a winder. And the issues were there straight out of the factory seal…. So now, 3 months later, I just got the call that the watch is back. Wil keep you posted on its state of operating.
It was a disappointing start however and I did not expect it from AP. But I guess where people work faults can and will be made so let’s see how it will function now.Will be watching your updates with interest! 

… to pulling my trigger on one.  I will be following fellow purists’s response with great interests.





terrifying. There are some reports on another watch forum about the date wheel not moving properly on the 15202. Without enterring into discussions about the historical value, tradition etc of the 2121, would a current buyer be better off with a modern 3120 watch? In perspective, does the 3120 tend to have more, less or the same frequency of functional issues as the 2121? Again, emotions apart… if possible smile

lack of performance, especially after reading numerous other service issues on this watch (2121) which is not inexpensive. Emotionally blind collectors will defend their brand without logical clear thought, but my best guess is AP will resolve your issues and the general issues with the movement. Unfortunately these things take time.

Watches are a passion not a need. Imagine if you had one, reliable luxury daily car and it kept breaking down. You sent it away for a few months and it came back only to break down again. We would all be quite upset and not buy that brand again.

All that aside, aesthetically your watch is beautiful and hope you receive a timely and satisfactory resolution.


I didn’t have any problem with my 15202 for 8 years until last Dec. it ran slower than it should. I found out it had a stop & go issue. The hair spring & balance wheel were turning while the hands were not moving. I never put it on a winder for the last 8 years thought. I just got it back from service ( that was the first service for my 2121 for the last 8 years sad – my bad)  let’s see how it goes!!!! 
I also had an issue of my G series 15300 lately. Same as the 15202, I never put it on winder. The watch will run  perfectly for 2 or 3 days then it will stop running competely all of a sudden. If I shake it hard enough, it will start running again. I rule out the possibility of not winding it enough. I tried 30 turns & 40 turns & wearing it for 2 to 3 days consecutively. Now the watch is being tested at AP service center. I ll update on how it goes. Having said that, my G series Diver ( I believe it has the same caliber) has no issue whatsoever, it runs like a charm. So I guess it really depends……! For such a nice watch, AP should know this and do a re-call service free of charge. And most importantly they should build a value for money calibra, otherwise, AP spoiled our love on this great designed watch.