May 27, 2024

I know they are probably very different as the price tag differs a lot . But to me they look a lot like each other except for the size and the seconds arm.Can you please state the main differences as I want to buy one for my daily use (casual not dress watch).Thanks 

I would go for the 15202, as its size is THE killing detail on tjis Watch, its magic.



Different movements, thickness, tradition… 15400 is great, but trying searching online for the history and importance of the 15202. It’s certainly one of the most loved watch ever. Countless passionate posts and reviews.Amanico,I meant the one on the website its ordinary I guess.Yes I believe the 15400 is a bit out of proportion.
I think I just have to get used to wear slightly smaller watches specially I am wearing Rolex explorer ll now (42mm) as my daily watch,I have a medium sized wrist.