July 25, 2024

Bit of a breaking news gents, (maybe you all know it, in which case I apologise, but i have looked around before posting this and i have found only one small and apparently unnoticed mention from the Philippines…) 

So: i was at my local AP boutique couple of days back AND they told me that:

– 15400ST blue dial, is already out of production. Boutiques are now selling the last remaining pieces

-AP is about to release (maybe in time for Basel?) a new 15400 in platinum (and/or white gold…the boutique was nto sure about this), and the blue dial will be reserved for these going forward…

So if what I can make of the few info available is right there must be about 1000 pieces out there…and there will never be more… 

Happy hunting!  


I have just confirmed with AP North America that the 15400ST blue dial remains in the current production and is still available as an Audemars Piguet Boutique exclusive timepiece.
If you would like to PM me the boutique location where you heard this incorrect information, I will pass it along to AP.
In the future, when you have “breaking news”, please feel free to ask a Moderator about it before posting an announcement.  It is certainly reasonable to assume information you receive at a boutique is accurate and fair for public consumption, but sometimes embargoed information sneaks out.  As a courtesy to the brands we represent, I prefer to take just a little extra time to confirm the information before spreading rumors.

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