July 25, 2024

This is the one that got it all started for me many years ago, the Royal Oak Offshore “triple date” in 18k YG.

I’ve had the pleasure of enjoying a number of Royal Oak variations since, but this one still has a hold on me.
Tastefully sized yet with plenty of heft, it’s unencumbered dial is unlike most Offshores AP has produced over the years.
Any thoughts?Thanks for posting that.   : )

Cool one, for sure!



…and the feeling…………sublimewink
CheersFrancoisThe APROO Triple Date was the first AP I ever saw, didn’t even know who AP was at the time LOL.  You have good taste gworchell, wear it in the best of health!
-MWWow. Love the side view of it, you have it as brand new!! Amazing piece and share more wristshots!! 
Wonderful wonderful piece!! Cant agree with you more about not letting it go! 
For me, what does it, is that it has a small seconds. I think it’s the only RO with a small seconds dial, I LOVE IT!!
Sand in YG! What a great watch you have.