June 25, 2024

I think this can be a very nice pair watch for her and him.  Of course, both are good separately, though!

For her…. 33mm quartz, two hands.

With diamond set….

Borrowed boutique staff’s wrist.  Not bad, is it?

For him….

41mm, automatic.

Maybe tad big for my wrist, but could get used to it as it is thin enough.

Can hide under the sleeve as well….

There used to be SS/YG combo Royal Oak, but SS/PG combo looks much nicer today….

No message body.. but price, size, and appetite may be the deciding factor…..  besides, it’s two hander and you wouldn’t notice it’s a quartz watch smile
Maybe it is a disappearing art – before quartz, they had to make any watch, any size, any shape, with mechanical movements.  But after quartz, these small technique may be gone…..?
On this, I agree with you.

I tried to find my wife a RO, max. 33 mm and mechanical from AP Boutique. No way, the smallest is 37 mm.
In my case it means lost sales for AP.
Best, Kari37mm automatic , equally with dazzling diamonds …
Perhaps that is for the horology ladies in mind.
Like wise, dun understand the use of Quartz in the range. Baffling indeed …. No message bodyNo message body