May 23, 2024

Since we are sharing special Roal Oak’s I couldn’t hide this special piece.Prototype of only 3 pieces for the winners of the F1 Indianapolis 2000.

No message bodyThat deal never went through; those protos  were never supposed to make it into the market. Very few have even seen or even know about them! 
Nice score!
Hope all’s well, Koen, best to you and your brother; it’s been too long…
TMIt is a special story about this project.Love this piece.Indeed to long ago, contact me when you make a pitstop in Amsterdam. 
Haven’t seen this before, very cool and rare Royal Oak.  Thanks for sharing.
I am aware of a few micro editions but had not heard of this one.  Sounds like it is ULTRA rare.  
Thank you Koen for posting it here.No message bodyThanks for sharing.