July 25, 2024

I just experienced an incredible service provided by AP service center in Singapore. A friend of mine bought a ladies AP RO in Japan from a watchshop, the watch was not new but it was in good condition. When returned to Singapore it was decided to bring the watch to AP service center in Singapore to see if any maintenance was required. The watch was working fine and running without any issues and problems. It was just because when I buy a watch not directly from an AD, which is common in Hong Kong because the AD would not have all the hot models and most watches even sold by the AD in Europe and US are brought to Hong Kong for resale. 
I joined my friend since I have experience with AP. AP service center informed us that the watch has been opened by a third party and would provide us with a quotation for the maintenance and battery if needed. After a few days my friend showed me the quotation, which was SGD 1600. I thought that can be if they want to replace all the parts but looking closely at the description of the quotation there was no major item that they were going to replace. It was mainly some cosmetic items and some 18kt white gold nuts, gasket and crystal.
So looking at the bill for this work I told my friend better not to do this since it is now no worth doing it and the watch is working properly. I advised to do this when the battery is dead or when there is really something wrong with it. Better wear it now for the time being. So we called AP service center and declined the work and told we will pick it up.
At the pick up we were informed that they have not done anything to the watch. Then we noticed the watch is not running so we asked them how this could be. Then we were informed that they did not put back the battery. So now AP is holding us ransom, pay SGD 1600 or have a watch that is not running. I was really shocked at this. They could not put the old battery back because it may leak, but it was not leaking. They could not put in a new battery. So now we were stunned standing there and had no choice then to walk away since I will not accept this ransom. 
My friend has always loved AP and wanted one. Finally able to get one, although not new, and it is a major disappointment. I am sure that the next new one that is going to be bought from an AD would not be an AP. This relationship has been destroyed, I now know that AP is only meant for the rich and wealthy and not for the aspirant buyer. I have several AP’s from normal Volcano to Polaris but this behavior was appalling. I am so disappointed in AP that I am done with AP, honestly said my first watch was nothing near an AP but I was lucky in life and eventually able to buy, but seeing how AP treats people I am very disappointed. 
I did hear before that AP Singapore is only serving the rich and wealthy and they show attitude to other people. I think I have now witnessed this and can confirm it to be true. I know where I came from and I know my roots.