June 23, 2024

One of my personal favorite AP Ambassadors is Ian Poulter.  I have been fortunate to meet Ian a few times, and he exudes passion for whatever is the topic at hand.  Very genuine and engaging individual.
You can read the full article about his visit by clicking the link below:


I don’t know much about Ian Poulter, but I recognize Clint in your signature pic (or is that called an avatar?).  What’s up with that?  
M4Thought the new avatar is befitting of MichaelC.
I wish I could use the Arctic Warfare to give out an old fashioned Missouri Boat Ride ;-)No message bodyHe was right at home discussing Ferrari (which he is SUPER passionate about), watches, architecture, etc.  When he learned I am a designer and own an architectural stone company, he asked me lots of questions.  He recently built a super cool home in Orlando.