May 26, 2024

The following is a quote from an interesting article from another web site. I hope its inclusion here comes within the category of fair use. If not, feel free to remove this post without reference to me.

“The quickest way to identify an A-Series Royal Oak is by the placement of the “AP” insignia on the dial. All A-Series examples were made with the “AP” placed above 6 o’clock. Later Royal Oaks, including modern pieces, feature the AP logo at 12 o’clock. Early B Series watches, which typically date to around 1975, may also feature the AP at 6 o’clock.”

So, according to this article 12 o’clock dials started sometime in the production of the B-series. I had always thought the 12 o’clock dial started much later, with the Jubilee edition. What do the experts here think? I’d be interested to hear any opinions or hard information.

This is my B-series, for example. It has a replacement dial, no question – Superluminova illumination – but I had always thought the original had come with a 6 o’clock dial.

first “comliment for your really nice watch” and a happy new “watch”-year.

A,B and C-Serie (steel-models) had the AP-Logo at 6 o clock. But perhabs there are some (late?) C-Serie, that had the AP-Logo at 12 o clock. But to find out, if  this C-Serie with Logo at 12 o clock are original without no later changed dial it´s necessary to find owners, who really have souch a watch as the first owner or a “letter” from AP about answers to this question (if there is someone who knows something about this). 

My english is to bad to translate the article.





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without exact cut off.

I’ve seen C series with original dials where the AP logo was at 6, as well as some with the AP at 12.

Most B should have it located at 6.

I’ve checked this with AP HQ patrimony department as well, and they concurred.



first excuse my bulldog mentality – but its is importent to giver further informations.

and first also: Thomas, you did a lot to find out important facts about 5402 and i am happy and thankfull for that!!!

But after your answer 

“I’ve seen C series with original dials where the AP logo was at 6, as well as some with the AP at 12.

. I’ve checked this with AP HQ patrimony department as well, and they concurred.”

there is to much place for interpretation or it really means that after some point  in B-Serie AP used both

dials (with AP at 6 and AP at 12) without depanding on serial-numbers and order. And the “rolling change” began in B-Serie

!!!??? (really in B?).

Perhabs you can use contact to AP

Regards Stephan

I’ve checked on this before, and what I wrote was what I was told.



specially “Most B should have it located at 6” will mean, that there must be a lot of B with AP-Logo at 12    ! ?

I have never seen one or heared about that fact (perhaps it´s my mistake or greenness)

If there is someone out there, who has a B-Version with AP-Logo at 12 (original !, not changed later for example by AP-Service),

than please answer to this post.






… in the last two month i had two AP RO 5402 in my hands

one serial number B 17xx and the other 19xx and both from theese late B series have

a original “swiss” dial with AP Logo position at 12.

Both watches had been all original, that means smal hands and unsigned crown. One had
this called “tropic dial” – so (for reason of the hands and specially unsigned crown)
both haven’t been at AP for revision.