April 16, 2024

Last week i walked into a AP retailer in Bangkok, and just when i walked inside, i saw them unpacking 5 white AP’s.Didn’t know them, and after a chat, they told me, it’s a 100 pieces limited edition for the Thai Market, The Pride of Siam., 42 mm, white rubber strap, white ceramic bezel and steel case.
I found it a very nice combination, so wondering what are the opinions here on the Purist…….

Sorry for the poor picture´s. 

Michel This message has been edited by michel on 2013-04-20 01:42:46 This message has been edited by michel on 2013-04-20 01:43:57 I like the dial a lot, but just have never been a fan of white casing/straps on watches. Would love to see the dial with a regular black ceramic bezel.I think it’s stunning…..although it wouldn’t suit me. It would probably look very cool on a woman.it looks like a ladies watch.  My opinion is the bezel should match the case metal.
It’s another variation of the Offshore. But a neat one at that. Thanks for posting!
Refreshed with some RG, hmmm… very nice.

I could see this same watch with a black ceramic bezel and black needles.  That would really be smoking.
No message bodyThe white theme looks good. 

Nice combo and definitely not really a common piece because not too many people can pull off the all white rubber strap. คือผมสนใจมากครับ Pride of siam แต่อยากรู้ราคาครับ