May 26, 2024

and when the sun hits my watch, it is indeed blue
During the grey months of the year, the dial was grey. It’s described as greyish blue but it seems that the sun is able to show also the blue. I’m happy!

Best, KariThat play with the light smileLooks great on you Kari!
Thanks for sharing
It’s time to putto my wrist the new 5711. It’s a good evening to do that as we will celebrate the first birthday of our daughter Anne in 12 hours.
Best, KariMany AP dials have a mythical quality about them… your perpetual is certainly one of them.
Before the QP I was wearing 15202 for 20 days. The colour of the dials are so different but both have the capabilities to change their character with changing light.
Now I will look at my PP 5711 for a couple of weeks or till I know what I think about that. Then it’s the turn of 15202 again.
Best, KariBlueish grey is a very nice color in the sun!smile