June 21, 2024

I visited the AP booth today at W&W and was assisted by a very professional and friendly brand representative even though I am not an AP collector.

Here are some pictures to share smile

Firstly, the AP booth was the most cosy and comfortable booth in W&W imho. I don’t know why but after visiting many dimly lit booths, I find the brightly lit AP booth very refreshing and I really felt very comfortable in the booth.

The booth reception. Pretty nice!

The key novelty for AP at W&W is the Royal Oak Offshore Tourbillon Chronograph with a completely new caliber 2897. I was fortunate to be given the chance to handle it and play with the chrono pushers and I was very impressed with the watch.

There were a few features of this watch which impressed me (as a non AP collector).

Firstly, it is an automatic watch but it doesn’t have a rotor to block the view of the movement at its caseback. The tourbillon chronograph movement is beautifully finished and it will be a shame to block it with a full rotor. The trick AP used is a very innovative oscillating weight at the outer edge of the movement. This oscillating weight is crafted from 950 PT and enables very efficient winding without sacrificing a full appreciation of the movement at the caseback. Genius!

The other thing I appreciate in this new AP ROO Tourbillon Chrono is the pusher feel of the Chrono. The pusher feels relatively light when pushed (almost as creamy feel as my Wongraph, i.e. Red Gold Black Dial Datograph, which I wore to the AP booth) and I like the pusher feel a lot for start/stop and reset all three.

Alongside the new ROO Tourbillon Chrono is an older AP extra thin tourbillon from 1986. This was the first self-winding Tourbillon wrist watch. I was only 8 years old then!

And now they have another automatic Tourbillon in the new AP ROO Tourbillon Chronograph.

Another new model is the Millenary Quadriennium. This complication sits between annual calendar and a perpetual calendar. It accounts for all 30th and 31st of each month as well as 28th Feb to 1 Mar adjustments until the leap year, when the owner needs to advance the date himself. An annual calendar cannot account for 28th to 29th Feb or 1 Mar at all whether leap year or not. This watch also has the iconic AP escapement with a double balance spring.

An extra thin Royal Oak that is entirely open worked. The finishing of the open worked movement is a marvel indeed.

A tray of AP ROs! For me to try!

I really love this 15202 but even at 39mm, it is a tad big for me. Love the blue dial but something about the lugs doesn’t work for me sad

The 37mm AP RO fits me better but I prefer the blue dial!

Hope you enjoyed this photo report and I would like to thank the booth staff for helping me and letting me try all these watches



Thank you for your reports.
Hope you can join us in Asia one day smile
How’s your Montblanc Villeret? Pls share more pics when you have the time smile


Thanks for the pictures. I was wondering how big are your wrists because even the 15450 looks huge on you. I have 6.3in wrist and was hoping the 37 would fit.

6+ inch or so (less than 6.5) – very close to yours! Try it and see how you like it.

robinWe all appreciate your special post on AP at W&W 2014!
First I have heard of the Millenary Quadriennium!  I think it is gorgeous.  Love the dial cutouts for the day and month.
Very happy for you that you met some of the wonderful folks at Audemars Piguet and experienced some wrist time.   I know you will officially join the club, one day smileNo more watch funds for a loooooong time. And I still need to find an AP RO that fits me and that I like (I love the blue dial!)

I’d really love to see these new AP watches soon, especially the ROO Tourbillon Chrono and Millenary Quadriennium! 
Thanks for bring us to the W&W AP booth, Robin! biggrin
Glad you like it and thank you for your encouraging comments smile

robinI find the RO Offshore Tourbillon calibre particularly interesting in its “automatisation”! Isn’t the use of an oscillating weight at the periphery also found in the JLC Master Ultra Thin Minute repeater? I thought JLC came up with this very elegant solution. Do you know whom to credit with this innovation?
Cheers Robin,
Francois from Just UnderI am not sure who to credit for this innovation – maybe Nicolas or Michael can help us here.
I suspect such an idea came up even earlier with other brands.

My pleasure to share W&W with you my friend.

I was there on 29th Sept.

I was treated professionally well by AP Brand Ambassador. Many thanks to Stephenie from AP Singapore for her hospitality as well.

Too many good watches to view.

One of my favourite booths.


Are you from Malaysia? I am from Singapore. Let me know the next time you visit Singapore and maybe we can catch up



I too spent a great deal of time in the AP booth.
Was invited to a back room to try on a couple of trays of watches, including that ROO Tourbillon Chronograph. It’s lighter than it looks!
I will soon post my own pics of the event. Need to rest now.
Spent a full 6 hrs there. I don’t know how you manage to be there day-in, day-out. My feet are killing me! This message has been edited by psychotic on 2014-10-01 06:17:29 Hope to see you again soon my friend.
It is always heartwarming when PuristS from around the world catch up in person smile

Yes, my feet is killing me too! I just finished a Vacheron Constantin dinner and went out for drinks with some friends from Montblanc. Super tired now but I still want to cover some posts before I go to bed smile

robinGreat pics btw!
Best!And glad you enjoyed it. My camera is not that great to be honest. Time to get a new one!Twice it almost failed on me this trip with the focus.
CheersrobinLooks like AP make an extra special effort at these events & lots of great looking AP’s to play with too.Glad you like it.
Indeed AP was very hospitable at the booth. I am not an AP collector nor did I make any appointment. Just walked in and a booth staff came to help me and let me try the new collections smile

RobinNice report Robin.
I actually enjoy sharing with fellow PuristS here smile
CheersRobinIt is alway a pleasure to read yr detail report/post.Reading from yr post on MB to other brands and now to AP, all are full of nice pics and good info. Thanks.