April 15, 2024

that I like more the original dial colour of 5402 than the latest 15202.

What are your thoughts?

Best, Kari

This message has been edited by MTF on 2015-04-30 02:57:03  and more harmonising to the steel case and the overall toolwatch-character of the watch.
I have heard from my AD that the blue-dialed new models will sell only via the AP Boutiques…
And I know also the fact, why have the dials these different tones of blue colour…
from one of the owners of AP that their Tokyo Boutique have 93 15202 in the waiting list.
I am now very happy with my 15202 and its new rotor but as happy I’m with my 5402 – especially because this watch is 100% original condition with box & papers.
Best, Kari