April 21, 2024

I just went to set the time on my AP and the crown came clean out…!!! Arrrgh sad

This obviously shouldn’t happen so I assume it is something AP will fix quickly for me..?

Upset is not the word,

Andy.We are in August… 
I feel for you, my friend.
I’m just a little upset….its my baby..!!

I’ll get her sent back and see what the damage is and keep you updated.

Cheers Nico,

Andy.No message body

AP have been in touch which has pleased me immensely….I’ll keep you updated.

Andy. This message has been edited by Andy on 2015-08-18 06:04:16 Hope AP sorts it out for you quckly. But it’s always distressing.

The tiny levers that retain the stem in most cases are a match for our fingernails, but not always.

Thinking about it, look how many (or how few) watches have evolved ways to avoid this!
Many Panerai
Extreme Lab 2
The Freak
Romain Gauthier
Bulova Accutron 214

MikeDistressing indeed…..even more so when I am very careful with this beauty. Hopefully AP will look after her and me, in fact it was them who contacted me after my post so I’m sure they know how much this piece means to me.

Speak soon,

Andy.It is something none of us wants to happen, but at least you have a great brand behind the product.
Please do keep us posted.