July 20, 2024

I’ve been too busy, that’s a good thing of course, but still have been lurking behind the scenes in this forum.
Just wanted to share, yet again, and without reason, the piece I tend to come back to over and over and over. My AP RO !!!
Summer has finally started in Rome, i’m stuck indoors (but not for lunch!! wink Hope the weekend starts well for you all,S

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It would be wonderful to have one Royal Oak that says tic-tock and shows the right time.

I am still hopeful that when my 5402 is serviced, it would function. With my two new Royal Oaks I am much more sceptical and do my best to forget those two watches.

Nice weekend to everybody!

KariNo message bodyI love the Salmon Jubilee.
I always enjoy these posts from Italy, my Family’s place of origin generations ago.  I have only visited once, but when I come back, I will hope to meet you and enjoy some time together.