July 25, 2024

Regards,HansDefinitely a cool watch.  A bit too big for me, but what a great piece to own.
I love the interior of your Porsche.  Pardon my ignorance, which model is that?  I’m probably the only Purist who has to ask that question.

I had fun with mine when I had mine!


The case size is enormous and a real head turner! Even his best bud Sly Stallone wears them.
The watch is awesome, but let me try to figure out the other beast…
Tiptronic (love the white cluster by the way, very nice) and a more recent stereo/center console. With the 5 gauges and the sports chrono package, I’m going with the 997…but I can’t tell if it’s an S?

Thanks for the rarely seen Audemars Piguet Royal Oak T3 watch.Back at that time, the current Mrs MTF wanted one of her own! We were going through an AP collecting phase….
I was not convinced about the size suitability as it was the biggest watch we had seen up until then.Now we make do with this one instead….2nd best:
Do you find more scratches and dinks wearing a huge watch or do you naturally compensate in real life?

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