July 20, 2024

On the desk…

…. and with the one from the guy sitting next to me: fun office!

Have a great July/ August!

This message has been edited by KIH on 2015-07-22 05:29:46 I have been tempted by this watch since its release.  Seeing it made at the AP Manufacture, you get a real appreciation for the immense passion forged into this spectacular piece.  It is a real representation of AP’s best work.
Enjoy!.. and subtly show off!  Very, very nice.  I am tempted, too (this is a gentleman’s property who has my 5402ST instead for a while).  Magnificent, is the word I would use….
KenNo message bodyNo message bodySuch a great reference!The monocolor look, the very nice finish of the skeletonized dial…

Thanks for sharing Ken it is good to see it from time to time.

Cheers, Mark
No message bodyThat is a terrific looking skeleton.  On paper a skeleton somehow shouldn’t “gel” in the Royal Oak case, but AP really have executed it very well indeed and there’s a wonderful industrial feel to the watch.
There are simply so many nicely designed wristwatches around at the moment.  The watch industry, however, like most others, doesn’t seem immune to the tendency towards booms and busts, and on that basis, we really should batten down the hatches as we may be about to face a deluge of watches which are utter dogs, aesthetically speaking.
Thank you for posting those images of what is a stunning watch.