July 19, 2024

Yes, display back, and NOT quartz (sorry, couldn’t help), hahaha smile

Display back!

Very cool on the wrist.

Too thick?  Not bad…..



No message bodyI like this one, the black dial version, with the display back, and the boutique only version in all black ceramic.  It is a smart looking watch.  Ken, you point about too thick, that is what worries me.  I had the chance to ride in a van with a group of purists while in Geneva, and one had on the older black dial piece.  Very smart looking, but it was thick.  He loved it.  I guess I got to take a plunge and just see how one feels.  
Thanks for posting pix of the new one.
Joe… taking a plunge!  Also, SS version may be a bit heavy.  Ceramic or even the carbon version (boutique only?  Not sure if it’s display back, though) may be more comfortable.  
Just try them on!
KenGreat looking piece and these are probably some of its best pics available on the Internet so far. Hey Ken, I just didnt get the joke about it not being quartz…  smileRead this thread’s responses all the way down smile ap.watchprosite.com

There are lots of camps in this hobby!
KenNeed SS diver with back dial open case back. Not a big fan with diver + white dial face.