April 21, 2024

Dear all,
There seems to be a new RO perpetual calendar from AP, with a realistic moon phase disc and week indicator.Just come across it at an advertisement inside magazine in Taiwan.
Any fellow member have information of this timepiece?

Captured from a magazine advertisement

Captured from a magazine advertisement

I saw the same advert in a magazine in France a few days ago and had the same thoughts.

Did we miss something or is there a new version (maybe for Watches and Wonders 2015?)

Cheers, Mark
Blue dial so maybe platinum – in 41mm or larger, would be very nice. 
Maybe limit it to 10 pieces too like they did the fairly recent ROO Perpetual Chrono in Pt (35 in titanium and 25 in RG as well).This new perpetual calendar should be made of steel.
Unfortunately, AP will not participate in this year’s Watch and Wonders.That looks very interesting!
I wonder if it is 41mm?!