April 16, 2024

Hi all, just a quick query on sending in an AP for servicing/polishing. While the watch will be restored and scratches polished away, wouldn’t the watch lose some of its (glorious) shape over multiple polishings?

I can appreciate how a steel sports rollie can actually increase in charm with some scratches over the years, but I can’t bring myself to the same conclusion with APs when its awesome finishing is pretty mich what sets it apart from the crowd.

Johnand they were returned looking better than new, you will be very impressed.  I have only refinished them once.  I know they have limits based on the materials.  Call your local service center and speak with a specialist.
Best,JerryWBasic polishing will take some, probably at microscopic level, materials away but I believe it would not affect the shape.  However, if substantial polishing is done and several times at that, could be an issue.That is my take of it.  Having said that, whenever I send my watch for service I would leave out the polishing part.  Nothing to do with losing case material but the fact that I will have the watch scuff and scratch in no time smile.  Furthermore, having a few marks also make me feel that I truly enjoy wearing the watch.
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