July 20, 2024

Okay, the novelties of Audemars Piguet are now arriving at the Boutique and some of them just arrived at Ginza Boutique.  I often visit boutique here and it is always fun – the boutique is beautiful and great, and the staff are great, too!
To refresh your memory, here is what you want to re-read about AP line-up at the SIHH in January. basel.watchprosite.com

Today, I would like to share the Ladies Milenary

1. WG, Diamond set, MOP dial.

Borrowed the lady staff’s wrist.  Nice!

Cute stone on top of the crown.

2. PG, Diamond set, MOP dial

Again, cute stone on top of the crown.

Beautifully set stone on the bezel and the lug.

3. WG, Diamond set (on the whole case and dial, too), blued hands.



Thank you, Ginza boutique staff.

and saw this novelty. Boy it really looks sharp in the new black layout. I love the upper dial bridge work. A beautiful pattern. 

… would love to meet in person!
Great shot and yes, a beautiful pattern!
KenThanks for posting this photo here.The watches are visually stunning, with AP technology and history inside.
Tracie would love a Royal Oak, but I think one of these Millenaries is much more the essence of a woman.
Thanks for the post my Friend!.. except for the peripheral rotor automatic tourbillon Royal Oak Offshore.  That is something I would like to see again, but it’s sold already…..
But, if I were in the position to buy a watch for a lady, the smaller Millenary in PG would be one of the strongest candidates!  Nowhere to complain about!
It is fortunate to have such a wonderful boutique here!