May 26, 2024

Hi all – although I’ve been an AP owner for some time, this is my first post on here and i’m hoping to receive some sage advice!
Today I picked up a 25860ST chronograph, sold to me as a 2006 watch. In fact, the original US-based dealer has simply dated the booklet “10/6” and to make matters more confusing the serial is F58534/10xxx. My understanding is that F serials were used from 2001-2005, and that the 58534 numeric suggests the third F serial production year, i.e. 2004. Whilst I realise that precise dating is nigh-on impossible, is this a fair assumption on my part (I appreciate that the watch might still have been sold in 2006, even if it was a 2004 production)?
One other question – it came with the incorrect manual, and I’m just wondering how easy it is to get hold of the correct version from AP? There’s no issue with regard to authenticity, as the watch has only recently had a crystal and seal change, carried out by AP themselves and with full paperwork to support this.
Many thanks for all/any help.
TonyHi there,
Your assumption makes perfect sense. If a watch was produced in 2004, it didn’t mean it would be sold in the same year. It could sit in a dealer for years before it get sold. The warranty date is only the date of purchase but not the date of production. I read somewhere in Rolexforum saying the F series is between 2001 to 2005 but revised to a different version saying from 2001 to 2007 but I have no clue whether it is true or not. Anyway, for your information, my F series 15202st is dated Dec 2006. The serial # is F – XX454. 

Off to enjoy what’s left of the weekend – have a good one yourself.