April 15, 2024

So every so often my OCD kicks in real hard and my brain will not be satisfied until I have every scrap of info available haha.I have tried to speak to the AP boutique here in NYC but they are being a little on the slow side with answers.So here we go.
What came after the 5402 ST? Was there another reference that came before the D series was done selling?Really I am wondering if anyone knows of a comprehensive, exhausting, list of reference numbers, dates, calibers, and all other info on the entire Royal Oak line.Ladies even.And the same for the Offshore would be wonderful.
If anyone can satisfy this quest for me, or point me in the right direction, I would be extremely grateful.
Regards,Dylan T. Dutson

You will gather a lot of informations. Mtsanga posted a superb article here.

Among other authors…

Best, and have a good read.