June 25, 2024

I must admit, I am rather surprised that we do not discuss AP’s Limited Edition LeBron James Royal Oak Offshore a bit more.  And I make that statement as someone who is not a fan of basketball, but of course an enthusiast of Audemars Piguet.  I find myself thinking about this watch lately, and wanted to do a brief refresher on it.

The watch offers a unique combination of materials with a pink gold case, titanium bezel, ceramic crown and pushers, and a crocodile strap.  The case size is 44mm.  In this regard, it is understandable that the watch might have a more limited audience.  The piece is comfortable though, aided by the more rarely used notched case style (as opposed to the more typical plotted style) which allows the strap sides to angle more generously out of the case.

The most polarizing aspect of the watch is the ceramic pusher at 2:00, which is inlaid with 14 small diamonds.  If you have not yet experienced the watch in person, it is reasonable to expect this detail to be super blingy.  In my opinion, it is not that way, but rather subtle for diamonds.

Truthfully, they do look very good against the ceramic frame.

The dial has lots of details that add up to a unique appearance.  I really enjoy the depth created by the thick arabic numerals and recessed subdials.  The subdials themselves also feature a new font style, and certainly evoke feelings of the original Royal Oak Offshore Chronographs.
The chrono counters are blue, a compliment to the gold case, and a thin layer of white rubber trims the inner bezel, which appears to float above the dial.

A rich palette of materials and colors becomes elegant when treated with AP’s customary combination of case finishing.  In addition to the normal brushed and polished areas, we also see a sand blasted finish employed between the lugs.

The open caseback reveals the manufacture Caliber 3126/3840.  Consistent with other limited edition AP models dedicated to brand ambassadors, LeBron James’ signature is screened across the sapphire crystal in blue.
I feel it is noteworthy that Audemars Piguet typically avoids using a specific name or logo on the front of the watch when partnering with an Ambassador.  As I started this post, I have no affinity for basketball or any specific player; If LBJ’s signature or number or something else were on the front of this watch, I would lose interest.  But on the back, I am not bothered by it.

44mm with a base case in a precious metal creates a mini monster, no doubt about that, but I enjoyed trying this watch on.

Like most watches, there is always a regret or two.  On this model, I really do not like how AP fits “AUDEMARS PIGUET” under the date window, clipping the top of the 4.  It just looks jammed in there, and I think there are other ways to fit the AP logo and or brand name.
But that detail alone would not be a deal breaker for me.  The rest of the timepiece is so unique in appearance and detail that it is easy to fall for.  I look forward to my next encounter with one, and hope my lustful feelings remain.

No message bodyAt the end of the article, when I wrote about LBJ’s signature on the back and how I prefer it out of sight, I thought about my RB2.  I have no relation to F1 racing either… if Ruben’s signature were somehow on the dial of the watch, would that be a deal breaker?  Probably not in this case, as the watch is such a homerun smile
But otherwise, on the back please!No message bodyIMHO the nicest ROO LE is still JPM (though I don’t like it’s strap), with many other references being much nicer than LeBron’s too, such as Ginza, Truli, Buemi, RB, MichaelC’s QEII Cup, etc…No message body