April 21, 2024

Hello all!

One thing that I really enjoy about my AP Royal Oak Offshore is the versatility it offers.  Business meeting with a suit and tie?  Hanging out wearing a comfy t-shirt and jeans?  No problem!  From casual to sporty to dress, IMO the ROO works with all occasions.

One such Royal Oak Offshore is the AP Triple Date.  Although the AP ROO Triple Date 25807xx series are no longer offered, it was available in Stainless Steel and Yellow Gold.  A special edition Hong Kong commemorative piece in Rose Gold on a bracelet was later produced.

Color of the dial is a dark charcoal grey with a blueish tint to it.  Brushed finish on the face of the bezel and a highly polished edge.  On a past visit to AP in Le Brassus, I watched the expert finishers polish everything by hand (no jigs!).  It takes tremendous skill to keep straight lines straight and the radius of curved lines correct.  Needless to say I’m highly impressed with AP.

There were 2 versions of the 38mm case, one made with the attachment for the 2 bracelet connecting links and the other that accommodated a strap.  With the Offshore, the connecting links have a polished rounded contour.  To protect the movement (Cal. 2127) from electrostatic/magnetic
charges, a soft iron cage based on a Faraday Cage is contained inside the ROO case.

Day indicator on the left, Month on the right.  At the 6 o’clock position displays the Seconds.  The white pointer indicates the Date.  Hour, Minute, and dial markers are in luminous material.

The casual look: great with a t-shirt and a pair of jeans!

For those with smaller wrist, the size of the case and bracelet is a perfect fit!

AP ROO therban gaskets between the bezel and crown.  Note on the crown protectors the adjustments for the Day and Month.

Double folding deployant with a flip lock for secure fitment of the bracelet.  Lateral round nubs for easy grasping to release and take off the watch.

It’s one of my favorite pieces in the collection and the one that started the obsession!  smile

In extreme cases, an AP Offshore works too! 

Versatility, Style, Reliability, Functionality, and field tested Durability, I can
always depend on my trust AP Triple Date! wink
So how do you wear your AP RO/ROO?


i like this watch more i see more i like it thx for the pics
Hello gazoz!

This watch was what started it all with this hobby of ours.  Back then I noticed this watch in the corner display and ask the AD what it was.  Never heard of Audemars Piguet up until that point.  Everything was ‘right’ about it, the design, the color, the comfort, instantly I knew I wanted the AP triple date.  Funny thing is that I mistaken the price tag for the serial number!  smile  Thus it became my ‘Grail’ watch and fortunately it was on my wrist shortly after.

Thanks for looking and hope that everyone experiences the same feeling I have for AP and shares it with the rest of us.


enjoy your AP my friend
No message bodyi may have one coming in the next few weeks fingers crossed  which i saw a few years back i always wanted one now it seems that it is a reality   very excited smile
That’s exciting news, hope all works out and we get to see your ‘grail’!

Great photos and comments.  That particular model, given its size and dial, does offer more versatility IMO than the standard Offshore chrono, which is larger and not as easily dressed up.  Thanks for the post Ming!
Hello MichaelC!

Could you believe that back then this watch was on the larger size?  Crazy huh?  I was considering a AP ROO chrono but I didn’t know that they made a short strap.  It was only until we had a local Los Angeles area ThePuristS AP GTG that someonehad a short strap (thanks Anthony and Allen) that I realized that a ROO chrono would fit!
Appreciate you looking and hope you share your AP stories with us MichaelC!


You enjoy this watch as it should be enjoyed in all sorts of circumstances and activities.  That is, after all, what this AP was designed for.  Thanks for all the great photos and information. 


Thanks respo!

My AP has seen some ‘action’ over the years and stood up to my crazy antics.   Too bad I really wasn’t into taking pictures in the past, it would have been cool to have snap shots of the other stuff I’ve done with it.

…and great pics!
Thanks for sharing
Hello RobCH!

The smaller ROO cases like the triple date fits my small wrists really well so it’s nice to see AP releasing a small ROO chrono this year at SIHH 2010.  Thanks for looking, which AP do you like most from the current collection?

Nice picsHello doubleup!

1911?  AP?  How’s this one?






Wish it was a Millenary




No message bodyYou think this AP matches the Glock better than Vacheron Overseas chronograph I have ?

Never thought about it this way…


Thanks for sharing DRMW.  Nice pics too. I really like the dial layout and hope that AP produces an updated version in the near future.



No message bodyLooks like you’re enjoying your Royal Oak a lot!

Few watches enjoy such versatility and are made with such finite care. I consider a watch that is able to be suitable in a formal setting and extremely casual setting to be what I call “James Bond” application watches. Had the Royal Oak been on the market back in the day when Ian Fleming wrote the series of James Bond books, he may have chosen this watch to represent his international super-spy.

Oh, and it looks like it’s not only practical, but also tactical as well!Hey I like that, good one!  Thanks for looking.


…great pictures to tell the story.  I like this ROO a lot, but generally find myself more attracted to the RO.  I would love to add a Royal Oak to my collection one day.  Better start saving now!  smile



The new AP RO skeleton is beautiful, I think it would look good on you.  Which RO would you get?


…and the RO jumbo a lot.  smile  There’s a lot to love about the Royal Oak line.



Thanks for sharing and it is great to learn that you are enjoying it too, Ming.


I like this one a lot too and it is probably the only Offshore (well, aside from the newly launched Chrono – which seems more like a lady’s watch to me) that will fit well on me.


You know I PM’ed you for more information about this watch some time ago. However, I passed on an offer for it, as I have set my mind on another piece and have to set aside fund for it.



Hello Goh!

Yes I remember our PM’s, hope your search leads you to the AP that fits perfectly.  BTW, did you see the pics of the new smaller ROO chrono?  That might be the best bet for a smaller wrist.

But it seems to me that those are prodced for the ladies. I need to handle one in person to see if it looks/fits proportional to/on me though.

I always felt that the Offshore Chronographs are too big for my 6.5″ wrist. However I tried on a few Offshores (a Safari, a Tour Auto and a White Theme) earlier this week for the first time, as I am smitten by the ‘Pride of Mexico’.

The staff at the AP boutique mentioned that they fit well on me, since I ‘only’ need to use of the last second or third hole on the straps, although I still feel that they are a tad too big.

For me, the current non-Offshore Chrono fits me perfectly, but I want to add more RO’s to my collection and want some varieties as well and I feel that the Offshores are the best bet. While the new Day-Date and Skeleton are great, I do not feel that the case profile of the 15300/26120 fits well on me. The lugs on the Offshores that I tried seems to have a nicer fit on me, although the watch is more chunky.

Thanks for your observations Goh!  Hope to see more AP RO’s on your wrist this year!

Thank you so much. smileNo message body.No message body
The annual calendar with the red hand and slightly-offset sub-second. Years ago I had a chance at one, but haven’t seen that model since.
AHello Aaronm!

Vte just posted a pic of his AP Annual Calender right after you posted (it’s the post under yours).   It’s soooo cool, check it out!  smile


It was on my target for a while many years ago but finally I went RO Annual Calendar in 2000.

Anyway I sinned after all:

Vte smileOh yeah!!!!  The Annual Calendar is a great catch Vte!  You should definitely post more pics of that one.


I enjoy mine as well. This one see a lot of wrist time…

I can’t seem to visualize your pics, did it upload or is it my computer being fussy again?


I have a feeling the problem is on your end…

How about this one then?

No message bodyI have this photo of my Swenson custom combat pistol in my system and I am too lazy to take another photo! In case no one knows who Armand Swenson
was one of the original pistol smiths specializing in 1911 conversation, accurizing, sights and too many other items to name. His work has lead to so many
other companies modifying 1911’s. I have had this pistol for over 35 years and it still looks like the day I received it. I suppose I should go and get my camera and
add my AP RO chronograph and EP chronograph to the family group!

Best regards, Jeff

Hello Jeff,

Great to hear from a fellow PuristS 1911 enthusiast.  Armand Swenson?  smile A classic, nice!!!  I see the square trigger guard, ever seen how it’s done?  We have many firearms fans here so make sure you stop by our PuristSPro TimeOut forum: timeout.watchprosite.com


when I lived in Southern California and visited Armand in his shop, which was a converted garage, he told me that
he used chill plate to keep rest of the frame from overheating and a torch to stretch the guard. After, he hand checked the
guard and the front of the grip frame, beautiful work, all hard chromed! He used to hand matte the top of the slide
while watching TV at night.

He passed away a few years ago, but was a pioneer in the customizing 1911’s.

All the best, Jeff
Awesome you got to see the legendary master at work.  It was so cool to see how they did things back then and how good their work was.  Hope you share some more of your 1911 pics! 


Great look, versatile size, and very useful complication! (you have to agree that most of us rarely use the chronograph).

I see it has been loved by the owner, enjoy!

Jon (Z3)
Hello jon,

Hope all is well on the East Coast!  HAGWE my friend!  smile



greeting from Eddy
Hello Eddy!

Thanks for looking!  Which is your favorite AP?  Are you a RO/ROO fan?  Millenary?

i am  ROO guy, RO is too small for me, first I have my rubber offshore and like it so much, but sold it for Polaris and now it is also my everyday watch.
basically like any offshores. is the survivor wearable?? or is it just collecting piece,


Hello Ed!

IMO the AP Survivor is a wearable piece.  I do wish that the crown protectors didn’t protrude out so much but it is a nice design element.  Looks like your Rubberclad is exposed to everyday activities as well!

Ming, is it easily scratched? seems the bezel very strong but i  wonder if scratchable or totally scratch proof, and the blackened titanium, is it?? how would it look if you make some hairline, would it be a white line??
just curious….: ))))
please enlighten me.

Thanks for this great post and wonderful pictures.
I am contemplating one of these but unfortunately do not have the luxury of trying it on where I am at. Can anyone please let me know how it wears compared to other Royal Oaks? I have had a few AP ROs in the past and never found size an issue. However this is an irregular size by recent standards so would love to hear from anyone who has experiences and comparisons. I have a 17cm wrist and generally prefer watches 37-40mm but as we all know diameter can be misleading when taking lugs, thickness, and bracelets in consideration!