June 23, 2024

It has been a hectic month from work! There is nothing nicer than having her home with the other members of her family. I finally did it! My first ROC. As the matter of fact, my first AP chronographl. I really did spoil myself a bit for my birthday this year. She is everything I wanted. Blue dial with white subdials, blue leather strap matching with silver color case. Other than the chronograph dial & the weight, she feels very different from her other family. May be is because of the leather strap combination & the chronograph pusher. I always love & prefer the shape of the ROC pusher ( strew type lock) over the 42mm ROOC. I find the round shape pusher of he ROOC doesn’t fit with the case & hex bezel as well as the 44mm ROOC & th ROC but it’s just my opinion. Anyway, here she is. My new love – ROC 26022 smile 
Cheers everyone & have a great weekend!!

Your opinion on the pusher sahpe is an interesting one. It’s something up to personal preference, and I’m with you on this.

No message bodyCould not be happier for you my Friend.
And how about AP Masthead honors?  Well deserved smileNo message bodyAbsolutely stunning
I can stare at this dial continuously.
Huge Congratulations!!
So happy to read your post. Your watches are family to you! smile

She looks great on your wrist. Enjoy in the best of health!

RobinI love  love love that watch.
One of my all,tome favorite Royal Oaks.
Beautiful picture.
Enjoy it.