May 26, 2024

Took me almost a year to track down one of these:
AP RO SQ in stainless steel.

39 mm of sheer joy.

No. 0888 – what an auspiciously delicious number!


With my ROO in for repairs, my 2 other RO’s welcome the newest member to the family,

Skeleton silhouetted against a cloudy Hong Kong morning.

Looks amazing on your wrist.
SI think I used to live in the same building that you took your picture from!!! I used to be Tower 7!
Great watch again, congrats!I have flirted with this watch myself many times.  It is very difficult to track down.  Having seen the movements being made in Le Brassus, you really appreciate the work that goes into this watch movement.  Countless hours of labor performed at the hands of highly skilled AP watchmakers.
This one is really worth the cost IMO.  You are getting the very best of Audemars Piguet, short of higher complications.
Masthead honors to you, psychotic!Thanks for the compliments Michael!
For a non-limited edition piece, this one was quite the catch. I know that the 15305 in SS is produced in very low numbers.
I actually had an opportunity to acquire this piece earlier this year but was beaten to the punch by another AP connoisseur.
I would be damned if I let this fine piece slip through my fingers again!
(that funny sound you hear is me giggling like a little school girl…)
AlfredI think it is easy for us to fall in love over and over with the Royal Oak and Royal Oak Offshore collections.  But with the 15305 Openworks, the emphasis is really on the center of the watch, and not as much the case and bracelet.  Those attributes are the hallmarks of a steel Royal Oak, but on this model, it is the wonderful artistry and execution that make it so incredible.
Bravo, Alfred!

I suppose this one will enjoy a major part of your wrist time in the foreseeable future smile

Best regards


My goodness!!! She is gorgeous!!! I had a chance to take a close look at this reference at the boutique months ago and it was sold right after!!! What a great catch!! I m so happy for you!!! Hopefully I will get my chance for such a beauty in the future! Wear it with good health & I m sure she will bring you joy for many years to come!!! Bravo!!!did you have to pay a premium for the #888? smileNo message bodyThis is my 1st piece that took some effort to find.(OK, my old Navy ROO also took some effort but I was simply in the right place at the right time).
I enjoyed the hunt for this one…the adrenaline high when closing in on your quarry…and to finally hold her up in your own 2 hands…
AlfredGood to hear from you again
Very happy to see your new AP incoming smile
Great shots with a nice view!

Enjoy in the best of health my friend

RobinA stunning piece! With a prosperous serial number to boot!

Wear it in the best of health!