July 20, 2024

Together with Harrods, Glashütte Original will be hosting a special exhibition from 29 May to 24 June, to showcase the German watch brand’s competence in the manufacturing of chronographs.

Harrods Glashütte Original exhibition 2015

“London is an important place, one of the most visited capitals in the world. And it is a very special place,” said Yann Gamard, CEO of Glashütte Original (pictured below).

Yann Gamard CEO Glashütte Original Grand Cosmopolite Tourbillon watch

“The best way to present our brand is to showcase what the brand can do,” said Mr. Gamard. “And the best way to do that is to host an exhibition at Harrods.”

Harrods Glashütte Original exhibition 2015 cabinets closeup

The exhibition focuses on Calibre 37, an in-house movement built specifically for chronographs, which powers the classic Senator Chronograph Panorama Date and the sporty Seventies Chronograph Panorama Date (pictured below).

Glashütte Original Seventies Chronograph Panorama Date

“German Watchmaking Art since 1845,” is aiming to shed some light on the subtle differences between German and Swiss watch making, such as the importance of the three-quarter plate. This very recognizable feature of German-made watches features prominently in the ‘Wondertable’ build inside the Fine Watch Room.

Harrods Glashütte Original exhibition 2015 Wondertable close up

“I am sorry we are not Swiss…but we are German,” said Mr. Gamard with a smile; knowing the benefit of that connotation.

Yann Gamard Arthur Touchot Glashütte Original Grand Cosmopolite Tourbillon watch

“We have a lot of advantages. We are about high quality, high engineering, and high precision. Our biggest challenge is to live up to that expectation,” he explained.

Glashütte Original Cosmopolite Tourbillon watch in platinum)

The temporary exhibition complements the current Glashütte Original collection found at Harrods, including the Grand Cosmopolite Tourbillon in platinum (pictured above), which Mr. Gamard was wearing during his visit to London.

Photo Credit: Haute Time. For more information, please visit the official Glashütte Original website. Follow Haute Time on Instagram to catch all of the new releases as they happen.