May 26, 2024

A year ago, Alexandre Meerson impressed us when launching its brand, with an elegant first piece, very well designed and finished, with a nice movement, coupled with real old-fashioned elegance that can only be felt in the flesh, once you strap the watch on your wrist (something we really invite you to do). Indeed, for a first attempt, the Alexandre Meerson Altitude Premiere and Officer really pleased us. Only a year after, it’s time to enlarge the collection with a totally different watch, greatly designed again. Here is the sporty Alexandre Meerson D15 MK-1 GMT.

Alexandre Meerson D15 MK-1 GMT - 6

While the Alexandre Meerson Altitude Premiere and Officer are rather small, slim and discreet watches (however with a twist), the new watch designed and manufactured by Alexandre Meerson plays on a totally different level. Definitely, the DNA of the brand is adherent in some of the design clues, but in the quality of the details; something that both watches share. Clearly, this is not a default. Albeit being a young brand, Meerson demonstrates its ability to create different watches, to invent a collection and not to just cook again and again the same ideas by just changing a small ingredient. This new D15 MK-1 GMT is a Meerson but not because of its design but because it shares the same values as the first collection, the Altitude.

Alexandre Meerson D15 MK-1 GMT - 4

The new Meerson watch is sporty, large, robust and resolute. Strong design and attention to details are two main objectives for Alexandre (founder & CEO), something that transpires from this D15 MK-1. The case measure 44mm and is made in a choice of grade 5 titanium (that can be ADLC coated on special request) or in 18k grey gold, both for a sporty look. This kind of massive diameter is compensated by a rather slim profile, together with curved lugs and caseback that will easily adjust to the wrist (again some pleasant details). The design is strong. While the first collection was discreet and refined, this Alexandre Meerson D15 MK-1 GMT is voluntarily bold. Just look at these sculpted lugs, alternating brushed surfaces and polished bevels – and no less than 10 facets. The case is also not that classical with its discreet octagonal shape (in fact, the case is round with four flat surfaces on each flanks and between the lugs). This is a quite unconventional design – but not too unorthodox, as Meerson wants to keep a classical approach of watchmaking.

Alexandre Meerson D15 MK-1 GMT - 5

As you’ve probably noticed, the case features two pushers at 2 and 4, just like a chronograph – but the D15 MK-1 isn’t a chronograph but a GMT / traveller’s watch. On the dial are displayed the hours, minutes and seconds on the central axis, as well as a second time-zone, via a long and skeletonized hand, contrasting with a red tip. The two pushers are made to adjust the 12-hour hand backwards and forwards by 1-hour increments and the 24-hour hand is operated from the crown, making this watch a proper GMT / UTC watch and not an office-watch. The classical hands are made to display the current / local time-zone and the GMT hand will help you to trace your home time.

The dial also features a night/day indicator at 9 and a date displayed in the sub-dial at 6. The Alexandre Meerson D15 MK-1 GMT is available in 3 dial colours: black, dark blue or silvery white. This dial may look simple at first glance but look deeper and it reveals several details after a close inspection and an elegant 3-dimensionnal effect – due to several steps (the central part is recessed, the 2 sub-dial are even more recessed) and sunken numerals – you could easily think about a sandwich construction at first.

Alexandre Meerson D15 MK-1 GMT - 2

Behind the caseback, we find again the same movement as the Altitude collection, meaning a very nice calibre sourced from the Parmigiani-owned Vaucher Manufacture Fleurier – not the worst supplier to be frank. However, this base movement is a time-only one, meaning that the Alexandre Meerson D15 MK-1 GMT adds a GMT module from Dubois-Depraz on the dial side. The finish is clean and pleasant, with Geneva Stripes on the bridges, circular graining on the main plate, polished bevelled angles and polished screw heads.

Alexandre Meerson D15 MK-1 GMT - 1

As usual with Meerson, the D15 MK-1 GMT will offer customization possibilities: it is available in a choice of three dial colours (True Blue, Silvered White, Eternity Black) with multiple bespoke combinations including Black Titanium ADLC, Titanium, Grey Gold in a choice of satin and polished finishes. This sports traveller’s watch is waterproof to 100 m/ 10 ATM. It will be priced at £13.500 or €18.850. More details on the dedicated page on

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